'Cajun Santa Christmas' - Give to a Louisiana Non-Profit Campaign This Holiday Season

In southern Louisiana, as a result of catastrophic flooding, over 160,000 families lives have been devastated. The massive scale of this disaster is difficult to comprehend. This is not your everyday weather tradgedy. By all accounts, this is one of the worst tragedies in American history. 'Cajun Santa Christmas' is a way for you make the Christmas season a little more enjoyable for a family in need.
"We accomplish more TOGETHER, when we all do what we can, when we can."
~ Shanna Forrestall, Producer, Humanitarian, Cat Lover

Going into this holiday season, your neighbors and fellow Americans lost every single possession they had.

Look around right now, think about the things you own. Imagine suddenly losing it all. Your cars, clothes, furniture, tv's... your pets... your families photo albums. Everything.

Now, think about what it would cost of replacing those items.
"This was a 1000 year flood, so in the last 1000 years there has never been a greater opportunity to touch the life of a fellow human being."
~ Rob Gaudet, founder of the Cajun Relief Foundation

Over 160,000 families are starting life over, with nothing.

The response to the disaster needs to be equal to the size of it. Here in America, citizens take care of each other. This is evidenced by the many foot soldiers and angels who have literally given up everything to help those who lost everything. These are citizen heros who are out everyday helping their neighbors are to be commended.

There is a role for every single American.

150 non-profit organizations are helping rebuild houses, provide furnishings, give whole wardrobes to families, feed families, seek out and care for the elderly... and so, so much more. Many of these non-profits have altered their missions to focus solely on helping those who are falling through the cracks.

'Cajun Santa Christmas' is a way for you make the Christmas season a little more enjoyable for a Louisiana flood family in need by giving to a non-profit campaign. Click here to participate